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Partners in Productivity!

“We’re always busy! That’s because people know us, they trust us, and they keep coming back to us.” – Dave Ritchie, Managing Director

“Downturns – we don’t believe in them. We just keep giving the same reliable service that everyone knows us for.” – John Tippett, Head Mechanic

CVM Trucks is a family owned company. We like to say that we’re…

“Big enough to trust; and Small enough to care!”

We’ve been in operation in the same Canning Vale location for nearly 30 years. In fact when we built our workshop on Banister Road, the surrounds where all bush land! Over the years, as Canning Vale has grown into an impressive industrial area, so CVM Trucks has grown into an impressive service centre.

One Careful Owner since New!
We’re essentially under the same ownership as we were way back in the beginning. Lou started the firm, and now that he’s retired his son-in-law Dave has taken the reins.

We have the gear, and we know how to use it!

CVM Truck Repair Service PerthMany of our mechanics started with us as apprentices – several have been there for more than 10 years. So not only have our customers got to know us, we get to know our customers’ trucks. For most of them, we don’t just know their service history, we are their service history! As often as not, the mechanic who’s working on your truck now will be the same one who worked on it 5 or 10 years ago.

It’s an old concept: it’s called “Trust”!



But don’t think we’re old fashioned. As we’ve grown we’ve made it our business to keep up with the latest. You won’t find a better equipped workshop in Perth, and our staff are constantly being retrained on the latest equipment and techniques.

So not only do we have the gear, our guys know how to use it!

CVM Truck Services: Call Dave on 94551146

“CVM Trucks: Call Dave personally to schedule your maintenance or urgent repairs”

Choosing to partner with CVM Trucks is probably the wisest business investment you can make.

Call Dave now on 9455 1146 to line up a one-off service, or to set up an entire programmed maintenance schedule for your fleet.



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